Darron Non-Magnetic Integral Blade Stabilizers are manufactured from Chromium Manganese Austenitic Stainless Steel.

Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile:    120,000 psi minimum
    Yeild:        100,000 psi minimum
    Hardness: 285 BHN. Minium

Magnetic Permeability

  • Max: 1.01
    Max: 1.005


Surface Treatment
Darron offer as an option, an additional treatment which, when applied to the inside diameter and/or between the blades creates a compressive layer, giving additional protection against stress induced cracking. This treatment is recommended when equipment is to be used in environments with high chloride concentrations.


Stabilizer Hardfacing

For Non-Magnetic Stabilizers, Darron recommend hardface dressing type HF3000. This particular dressing comprises tungsten carbide inserts set in a powder spray deposit, which is ideal for abrasive formations. Dressing technique has been developed in-house to take full account of the chemical composition of the material and the need for repeat re-dressings without damage. This includes full temperature control of the parent body during the pre-heating process and also throughout the complete dressing procedure.


Quality Assured Tools

Full quality control procedures are maintained throughout all production processes and when HF3000 hardfacing is deposited, final ultrasonic inspection is carried out to ensure that a minimum of 97% bonding of carbide inserts is obtained. This is the SB Darron guarantee and each tool is certified to this effect. Connections also receive full die penetrant inspection and are finally coated with an anti galling treatment.


When ordering SB Darron stabilizers, please specify :

  1. 1. Drill collar size and I.D.
  2. 2. Type of stabilizer (string or nearbit)
  3. 3. Type of hardfacing
  4. 4. Spiral type
  5. 5. Connection type and size


Integral Blade Stabilizers (Alloy Steel)

Darron Alloy Stabilizers are manufactured from AISI 4145 H modified Steel, fully heat treated to 285-341 Brinell hardness and 40 ft. lbs. (55 J) min. izod impact strength.


Stabilizers Mandrels

One Piece Stabilizer Sleeve Mandrels

The Darron Sleeve Type Stabilizer Mandrels available in either string or nearbit configurations are produced in a full range of sizes to overcome the logistics difficulties normally associated with stabilization equipment at the rig site.

Darron Mandrels manufactured from a singapore piece of material for optimum integral strength are available in either AISI 4145 H Modified Steel or Non-Magnetic grades.

Engineered for easy make up using conventional plate type sleeve breakers and rig tongs, single piece Darron Mandrels eliminate the need for any fluid seals.


Welded Blade Stabilizers (Standard)

Darron "Standard" Weld Blade Stabilizers used in the B.H.A. for drilling soft to medium hard formation holes are available in three types.


Stabilizer Configurations

Darron Stabilization can be supplied to any of the configurations shown below, or to customers' specific requirements.


Hardfacing Types

Darron offer a complete range of Hardfacings to suit all drilling conditions. Experience in the North Sea has assisted Darron to develop improvements on wear characteristics and matrix hardness. Extensive research in-house has increased reliability in bonding.


  1. 1. HF 1000
  2. 2. HF 2000
  3. 3. HF 3000
  4. 4. HF 4000
  5. 5. HF 6000
  6. 6. HF 7000